SRHC Session Moderator Information

Thank you for applying to serve as a volunteer for the upcoming SRHC conference in Memphis, Tennessee! In addition to session moderators, we will need some folks to help out with registration duties, as well as wayfinders and general purpose runners. We’re thrilled that you’re attending the conference with us and we deeply appreciate the assistance that your able to offer to your conference.

Moderator Responsibilities

  1. Arrive no later than 5 to 10 minutes before your panel. Introduce yourself to the presenters (seeking them out, if you have to) and let them know that you are the moderator. If they have slides for their presentations, encourage them to load them onto the computer desktop prior to the beginning of the session.

  2. Be sure you start on time; the session times are listed in the program.

  3. At the start, stand, introduce yourself, and welcome the audience to the session and let them know that they will hear the presentations as they are ordered in the program (unless the panelists have agreed to a different order prior to the start of the session). Let the audience know that you will hold questions until after all of the panelists have presented.

  4. Introduce the first presenter and then introduce each presenter immediately prior to their presentation.

  5. Keep track of the time, notifying presenters when they have two minutes remaining (by holding up two fingers) and cutting them off at the 15 minute mark. Be respectful in doing so, of course (for example, if they are in the middle of a thought, please let them finish the idea), but do be attentive to the time. This task will be easier if you sit in the front row or in some other place where the presenter can see you clearly.

  6. Following the last presentation, open the floor for questions to any of the presenters. For example, you could say, “Now, I’d like to open the floor for questions of any of our presenters.” (It would be good to think about a question or two to have ready in case the audience is silent. Sometimes all it takes is for the ice to be broken to get things started.)

  7. Be sure the sessions end on time. At the conclusion thank the presenters. Example: “I’d like to thank our presenters for providing us with such interesting ideas to consider this evening. Let’s give them another round of applause.”

  8. Please remind everyone that those viewing individual talks should remain in the session rooms for the entire one-hour block to keep from disrupting other rooms/presenters, as presentations times vary from room to room. Tell them that if they must leave, only do so between talks and with minimal disruption.

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