Southern Regional Honors Council Executive Committee 2018-2019

President, Kirsten Bartels
Northwestern State University

Vice President, Rusty Rushton
University of Alabama, Birmingham

Past President, Stacy Rice
Northern Virginia Community College

Past Past President, Patrick Bahls
University of North Carolina, Asheville

Student Vice President, Nick Parham
Northwestern Louisiana State University

Executive Secretary-Treasurer, David Coleman (2017-2020)
Eastern Kentucky University

Webpage Manager, Paul Fitzgerald
Northern Virginia Community College

At-large Representatives:

Faculty/Staff, David Kime (2017-2020)
Northern Kentucky University

Faculty/Staff, Kathy Cooke (2018-2021)
University of South Alabama

Faculty/Staff, Steven Elliott-Gower (2018-2019)
Georgia College and State University

Student, Elizabeth Meade (2018-2019)
Auburn University at Montgomery

Student, Monica Pasala (2018-2019) 
University of South Alabama

Student, Abagael (Vi) Kinney (2018-2019)
Northwestern State University

2019 Conference Co-Chair, Kirsten Bartels
Northwestern State University

2019 Conference Co-Chair, Paul Fitzgerald
Northern Virginia Community College

Description of Officers in SRHC 

Officers of SRHC include a President, a Faculty Vice President, a Student Vice President, and an Executive Secretary-Treasurer. The President is the immediate past Faculty Vice President and holds office for one year or until his or her successor is installed. The President presides at all meetings of the organization, appoints committees, and performs such duties as pertain to the office of President. The Vice Presidents are elected at the annual meeting and hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and installed. The Faculty Vice President succeeds automatically to the office of President upon the death or incapacity of the President or upon the installation of a successor as Faculty Vice President.

Description of the SRHC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice Presidents, the two most recent past Presidents, the immediate past Student Vice President, the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, and six at-large members elected by the Council. No college or university may be represented on the Executive Committee by more than one faculty-staff member and one student member. No more than one faculty-staff member and one student from any given institution may be placed in candidacy for elected office. Three faculty-staff-administrators and three students constitute the six at-large members of the Executive Committee. Faculty-staff representatives hold office for three years. Student representatives on the Executive Committee will be elected annually. Only those students who expect to remain enrolled in the same institution the following year will be eligible for service.

Student Representative Description

The purpose of the student representative position is to provide a student voice and perspective during SRHC executive committee meetings. It is also the responsibility of such representatives to respond to e-mails throughout the course of the year in regard to issues that affect SRHC and any planning of conferences.

In order to be eligible for the position the student must be from a member institution; furthermore, the institution must indicate in writing that it will support the student attending the NCHC and SRHC conferences in order to attend all SRHC executive council meetings. A vita must also be received by the SRHC executive council from the student in order to run for election.

The duration of the student representative position is one academic year. Students who transfer within the year to another institution are considered ineligible. Only one student and one faculty member from the same institution are eligible to run for positions on the executive council concurrently.

For more information, please contact David Coleman, Executive Secretary-Treasurer at David.Coleman@eku.edu

Click here to read the Constitution and By-laws of SRHC.